Major Taylor is a personality from Maryland who had the idea to create a platform that will allow any artist to display their talent. He has been following the music scene in the DC Maryland and Virginia (DMV) since 2013. Wanting to  catalyze the birth of the music scene in the DMV, he decided to take you InTheZone by covering the artistic events and interviewing the artists from this area and those that visit the DMV. This area is one of the next hubs of music that will emerge and he plans to give you front row seat to the action. 

Site Description: 

Welcome to the world of Major Taylor. I am open to all genres of music and forms of art. My goal is for you to use this site to create a platform for the music scene in the DC Maryland & VA area. I still focus on art of all forms and from all areas. So let this site be the canvas to display your art. Go to and like my page. Follow me @MajorIndieArt on twitter (  and instagram  ( to stay up to date.