DMV's own Jay IDK Sits Down With Hot 97

Tell us about Suburban Trap. What is it?

It’s a paradox for trap music with substance. I’m basically pushing it out as SubTrap. I’m trying to do trap thing which is basically the wave, and  I’m just putting my own twist to it.

My name is Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge, which is a paradox as well. It just goes with the concept.

How did you come up with Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge?

Originally I was like Jay, and it was just IDK – like ‘I Don’t Know.’ But I thought it was interesting for an artist to have a name that is like anonymous. I thought it was cool. It stood out. And then I thought me as an artist, and my beliefs.

For me I like to listen to ignorant music, but then I like to listen and I can gain something from it. So then I came up with Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge as a way to do both.

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Posted on May 21, 2015 and filed under Music.