Msanii- The Renissance EP (#TREP)

It's time to put your boards in the water and catch this Sanii wave. The Maryland artist Msanii has finally dropped his long awaited Renissance EP. The 7 track collection mixes Msanii unmistakeable flow patterns with a mix of smooth, jazzy, gritty and hard hitting beats. Together, Sanii takes the listener for a rollercoaster ride. It's starts in the unknown with track 1. It's as if you are traveling into adesolate cave about to head into the world known as Msanii. Next, in track 2 we flow around the city, cruising, life is good. If this were a movie, the plot starts in the middle and track 3 Ima get it takes you back to hustle. Visto's voice gives that signature rasp that resonates great with DVN's beat. Track 4, Beverly Hills, gives you that high life. He foreshadows the good life ahead of him.  Track 5, Rock, begins the party. (You wanna be down with Dipset? If you don't get that reference I don't know what to tell you) Red Cups in Track 6, gives the aura of the ultimate house party. The DAN (dope ass nigga) Alchike  of Jungle Mafia meshes perfectly on the party anthem. Then, track 7 is the latest release off TREP, Loko. Razcal's keys and Sanii"s voice give you the ultimate mosh pit music. Finally, track 8 Never Cared (my favorite track) gives the ultimate ending to a Renaissance. The track covers some cold hearted truths and different situations anybody on the grind will deal with on the come up. Lazy Rios of the OKO camp (Odd Kids Out) delivers an impeccable feature. Stop reading and press play....... Follow Msanii @DaMsanii

Posted on August 22, 2015 and filed under Music.